"Challenge accepted!"

I'm a part-time freelance coach hosting workshops or projects in the area of complex challenges, creativity and innovation.

How do I do it?

My passion for coaching, longstanding experience and strong intrinsic motivation coupled with my thirst for knowledge, analytical abilities and clear structural format help me deliver an exceptional client focused experience.

Have a look at my conception of coaching defined in my personal manifesto in English: Sea Level Coach Manifesto.


Who would benefit from co-working with me?

Any team or organisation, that 

...has a complex challenge that they want to solve.

...want to be (more) innovative.

...want to awaken creativity.

...want to learn a special method, e.g. Design Thinking.

My Vision:

Serving my audience to deliver a specialist service to achieve the best possible experience in a fun and dynamic setting.

Get in touch with me:

You can find my contact details by clicking here.